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Try to shorten config_directory path

Conda has limitations in the length of the placehodler path. This can be
easilly used up on OSX, since OSX provides a long tmpdir path. If that is the
case, we can try to use mkdtemp with the /tmp directory.
May be a workaroudn for #433
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mvdbeek committed Apr 24, 2016
1 parent 069e7ba commit efc5f30a92b1f89a8e8de150ca3eba60b1d2e43b
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  1. +10 −0 planemo/galaxy/
@@ -143,6 +143,16 @@ def config_join(*args):
if not config_directory:
created_config_directory = True
config_directory = mkdtemp()
# the following makes sure the transient config_dir path is short
# enough for conda linking (
if len(config_directory) > 20:
short_config_directory = mkdtemp(dir="/tmp")
config_directory = short_config_directory
except OSError:
# path doesn't exist or permission denied, keep the long config_dir
latest_galaxy = False
install_env = {}

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