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2 arch/arm/mach-s5pv210/include/mach/gpio-herring.h
@@ -578,7 +578,7 @@
#define GPIO_AP_PMIC_SCL S5PV210_GPJ4(3)
-#ifdef GALAXYS
+#if defined(CONFIG_GALAXYS) && !defined(CONFIG_GALAXYS_SGH_I897)
#define GPIO_TV_EN S5PV210_GPJ4(4)
15 arch/arm/mach-s5pv210/mach-herring.c
@@ -1305,12 +1305,19 @@ static void sec_jack_set_micbias_state(bool on)
spin_unlock_irqrestore(&mic_bias_lock, flags);
} else
+#if defined(CONFIG_GALAXYS_SGH_I897)
+ gpio_set_value(GPIO_EARPATH_SEL, on);
gpio_set_value(GPIO_EAR_MICBIAS_EN, on);
static struct wm8994_platform_data wm8994_pdata = {
+#if defined(CONFIG_GALAXYS_SGH_I897)
+ .ear_sel = GPIO_EARPATH_SEL,
.ear_sel = GPIO_EAR_SEL,
.set_mic_bias = wm8994_set_mic_bias,
@@ -2370,7 +2377,11 @@ struct sec_jack_platform_data sec_jack_pdata = {
.zones = sec_jack_zones,
.num_zones = ARRAY_SIZE(sec_jack_zones),
.det_gpio = GPIO_DET_35,
+#if defined(CONFIG_GALAXYS_SGH_I897)
+ .send_end_gpio = GPIO_KBC2,
.send_end_gpio = GPIO_EAR_SEND_END,
static struct platform_device sec_device_jack = {
@@ -4394,8 +4405,12 @@ static void __init herring_machine_init(void)
/* headset/earjack detection */
+#if defined(CONFIG_GALAXYS_SGH_I897)
+ gpio_request(GPIO_EAR_MICBIAS_EN, "ear_micbias_enable");
if (system_rev >= 0x09)
gpio_request(GPIO_EAR_MICBIAS_EN, "ear_micbias_enable");
gpio_request(GPIO_TOUCH_EN, "touch en");
4 drivers/misc/sec_jack.c
@@ -101,11 +101,15 @@ static void sec_jack_set_type(struct sec_jack_info *hi, int jack_type)
/* for a 4 pole headset, enable detection of send/end key */
if (hi->send_key_dev == NULL)
/* enable to get events again */
+#if !defined(CONFIG_GALAXYS_SGH_I897) //temp disable send end - needs to be fixed
hi->send_key_dev = platform_device_register_data(NULL,
+printk("enable send/end\n");
} else {
/* for all other jacks, disable send/end key detection */
if (hi->send_key_dev != NULL) {
4 sound/soc/codecs/wm8994_samsung.c
@@ -2975,7 +2975,11 @@ static int wm8994_i2c_probe(struct i2c_client *i2c,
pr_err("Failed to request EAR_SEL!\n");
goto err_earsel;
+#if defined(CONFIG_GALAXYS_SGH_I897) //Possibly needed for all Galaxy variants
+ gpio_direction_output(pdata->ear_sel, 1);
gpio_direction_output(pdata->ear_sel, 0);
s3c_gpio_setpull(pdata->ear_sel, S3C_GPIO_PULL_NONE);

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Hey, did this actually fix it or is this a partial fix? I see the fixme - you still working on this?

Galaxy S Kernels merged member

This fixes the wired headset mic, but the send/end button is still broken. I never really got around to fixing the send/end button. From my investigations adapting the code will not work, porting the send/end code from froyo is probably the best bet.


That's what I was looking at - looks painful to port. And my mic still doesn't work . . . are there other commits I should look at? Oh, and lines 1308-1310 in mach-herring.c don't look right (the else doesn't have any parens but you added a line)

Galaxy S Kernels merged member

Good point, there should be curly brackets surrounding the two lines. Shouldn't need another commit for the headset mic to work. Double check your GPIO definitions. The mic bias and ear path selection are key to the mic working.

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