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Ticket and Pull Request Guidelines

The policy on issues is:

  • Non-committers should discuss issues on the Lift mailing list before opening a issue.
  • All non-committer issues should have a link back to the mailing list discussion that led to opening the issue so the whole world can see why the issue came into being.
  • All non-committer issues should be set to no milestone, no assignment and normal (or lower) priority unless a committer explicitly asked for assignment (that means they agreed to do the work).
  • A committer may open a issue at whatever priority for whatever milestone and assign it to himself.
  • There should be very little discussion about issue in the issuing system. The discussion should take place on the Lift list so the discussion is available to a broader audience.

We will accept pull requests into the Lift codebase if the pull requests meet the following criteria:

  • The request represents one or more of the following:
    • Documentation including ScalaDoc comments in code
    • Example code
    • Small changes, enhancements, or bug fixes to Lift’s code
  • The request includes a signature at the bottom of the / file.