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I admit to being a bit nonplussed when I saw your announcement on the 0MQ list (why another library with the exact same name, etc.) but I have to admit I like your implementation better. It's just Lisp-ier. :)

Anyway, in integrating it into my project, I discovered one docstring error, and I'm of the opinion that a minor change to the poll interface makes things even "more Lisp-ier".

BTW, I'm running on Gentoo 32-bit and 64-bit with zeromq-2.1.10. No problems. I'll probably be testing on Lion later today.

Thanks, this is nice work.


Ok for the first patch.

Concerning the second patch:

  • Why do you export event-types ? You don't need the foreign type: (zmq:poll-item-event-signaled-p item :pollin).
  • You're right, allowing more than one event is nice, but the function should be renamed to poll-item-events-signaled-p.

Could you make the modifications (including the tests and examples, and updating the docstring) ? I'll release a new minor version after that.

Thank you!


I exported it in the first commit, because I needed to construct an composite event to pass to poll-item-event-signaled-p. Then when I realized it would be more natural to have the function take a list of events, I no longer needed the export and removed it in the second commit. So, it was a momentary confusion.

But, yes, I will make all the required changes and get back to you. Should be less than 24 hours.


Updated tests and docstring. Didn't see an example using polling.


I'll have a look tomorrow evening, thank you!

@galdor galdor merged commit e9a10f0 into galdor:master Nov 22, 2011
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