A full feature blogging platform in Rails.
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About Chito

Chito is a full feature blogging platform in Rails.


Here is a demo Chito blog hosted by is-programmer.com.


  • Ruby 1.9.3+
  • Rails 3.1+
  • MySQL or SQLite3 database engine
  • ImageMagick
  • Linux or MacOS system


1.Get Chito

$ git clone git@github.com:galeki/chito.git

2.Install gems with bundler

Inside the Chito dir, run:

$ bundle install

3.Create database

Edit config/database.yml with proper database name and password.

Then run:

$ rake db:migrate

Or if you are deploying Chito in production, run:

$ RAILS_ENV=production rake db:migrate

4.Setup Chito files

Just run:

$ rake chito:setup

This will copy some cache files of themes and plugins to /public.


Just run:

$ rails s

and launch your favorite web browser with:


Or if you want deply Chito in production, now is ready deploy with Mongrel or Passenger… just like other rails applications.

Themes & Plugins

Current Chito is shipped with all themes and plugins (now is about 32 themes and 25 plugins).

The locations of themes and plugins is listed below. Simply delete the dir of any of them if you think you dont need it.

Theme list

All themes of Chito is located at:


The default theme is Convergence which located at:


Plugin list

All plugins of Chito is located at:


Here is a simple intro of these plugins:

 akismet_comment_filter                     Antispam with Akismet
 auto_complete_tag                          Enable user tag their posts
 auto_js_latex                              Auto convert the fragment [tex]...[/tex] to math formula
 comment_gravatar                           Show poster's Gravatar in comment
 custom_css                                 Enable user add extra CSS in their blog
 custom_header_footer                       Enable user custom the header and the footer of their blog
 custom_navbars                             Enable user add custom navbars
 custom_sidebar_item                        Enable user add custom sidebars
 default_navbars                            Show the default 'Top', 'Guestbook', 'Admin' navbars
 highlight_search_word                      Highlight the search word of visitors
 hot_posts                                  Show the 'Hot Posts' sidebar
 img_resize                                 Auto resize the image of posts to proper width and height
 official_dashboardbar                      Show the updates of user named 'official' in admin dashboard
 page_patch                                 Patch several position of blog with custom content
 random_posts                               Show the 'Random Posts' sidebar
 relative_posts                             Show the 'Relative Posts' postbar
 relative_time                              Convert the created time of posts and comments to relative style
 rss_icon_sidebar                           Show a Feed icons in sidebar
 rss_patch                                  Patch RSS feed with custom content
 seo                                        Enable user change the meta-keyword and description of posts and blog
 simple_vcode_comment_filter                Show a simple captcha in comment form for spam protection
 syntaxhighlighter                          Highlight code with the popular SyntaxHighlighter plugin
 tag_cloud                                  Show the 'Tag Cloud' sidebar
 useful_sidebars                            Several useful sidebars like 'New Comments', 'Avatar', 'Categories', 'Meta'...
 useful_dashboardbars                       Several useful dashborad bars
 useful_index_sidebars                      Several useful index sidebars