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Andrew Turner galenandrew

Developer Program Member
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  • Dallas, TX
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galenandrew commented on issue mafintosh/csv-parser#6

@yoitsro @maxogden I was dealing with this same issue as a result of bad data in my CSV, so I submitted PR #28 which added support for a custom esc…

galenandrew commented on pull request mafintosh/csv-parser#28

Thanks @mafintosh…happy to give back! Also, thank you for the quick merge/release!!

galenandrew deleted branch customEscapeCharacter at galenandrew/csv-parser
galenandrew opened pull request mafintosh/csv-parser#28
Add Option for Custom Escape Character
3 commits with 36 additions and 16 deletions
  • @galenandrew 1f2f22b
    update README with custom escape character option
galenandrew deleted branch customquote at galenandrew/csv-parser
  • @galenandrew 29c1fde
    add test for custom escape character
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