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Released version 2.2
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@ishubin ishubin released this
· 340 commits to master since this release


  • Object groups in page spec
  • Arguments for component spec
  • Code blocks processing for custom rules
  • Alpha channel for area avoidance in image comparison
  • "mask" filter in image spec
  • An error handling when specs are indented below each other
  • "viewport" and "screen" objects in page spec JS API
  • Support for JUnit report
  • New function in JS API
    • parsePageSpec
    • checkPageSpecLayout
    • makeDirectory
    • listDirectory
    • fileExists
    • isDirectory
  • "screen" and "viewport" objects in page dump


  • Using galen.config file by default for configuration
  • All object statements in spec files are now strict
  • Improved denoise filter in image spec
  • Removed objects text properties from page dump
  • Removed visiblity caching for web elements when checking layout
  • Added sorting objects by size in heatmap and screenshot popup in html report


  • Second level components had broken scope
  • Tabs indentation in test suites
  • dumpPage js function could not work with undefined excludedObjects
  • Fixed error of 1 extra pixel in image spec, which was caused due to pixel rounding