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Invalid CSS after "*": expected "{", was "html .cke_uicol..." #188

iamademar opened this Issue October 20, 2012 · 6 comments

8 participants

Ademar Tutor Igor Galeta Kevin Southworth Valentin Ballestrino Adrian Matteo Daniel Podaru Lau Borges
Ademar Tutor

Error when precompiling asssets. More detail on error:

Invalid CSS after "*": expected "{", was "html .cke_uicol..."

"html" may only be used at the beginning of a selector.
(in gems/ckeditor-3.7.1/vendor/assets/javascripts/ckeditor/plugins/uicolor/yui/assets/yui.css)

Kevin Southworth

I'm also experiencing this exact error...

Valentin Ballestrino

Updating to 3.7.3 fixed the error for me with Rails 3.2.8

Updating to 3.7.3 fixed the error for me with Rails 3.2.8

Igor Galeta galetahub closed this January 05, 2013
Adrian Matteo

Hi, I'm updating an app to rails 3.1 and I'm getting this same error, I've updated ckeditor to 4.0.2 but the error is still there. Do I have to do something after I update the gem?

Daniel Podaru

Have the same issue.

Lau Borges

Have the same issue. ckeditor 4.0.4 and rails 3.2.11

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