3.7.0.rc3 do not work on IE in Production #94

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In production environment, "ckeditor.js" is compiled by asset pipeline and "/*@cc_on!@*/" is removed.
As a result, it is always determined "false" on Internet Explorer.



I am also seeing the same behavior. Have you found a workaround?


I modified the source code of ckeditor.js of the portion which has determined whether the browser is IE or not.
For now, it is likely to be satisfactory.

ie:/@cc_on!@/false ==> ie:b.indexOf('msie')>-1

@chipiga chipiga added a commit to chipiga/ckeditor that referenced this issue Mar 18, 2012
@chipiga chipiga Change the way IE detected to avoid compilation bug. Issue #94 01a7838

Any idea on how can I install this on Heroku? Or when the next version will be available as a gem?

Thank you!

@joe1chen joe1chen pushed a commit that referenced this issue Apr 18, 2012
Joseph Chen Adding ckeditor 3.6.3 assets.
Merged fixes:
- "Change the way IE detected to avoid compilation bug. Issue #94"
- "Fix css properties for assets precompile".

Not merged:
- "encoding fixies for ruby 1.9.3" - Already fixed in a different way for 3.6.3.
- "Fix for attachment button broken in IE (IE8) - Already fixed in 3.6.3.
- "added greek (el) support to embed plugin" - Already fixed in 3.6.3.

@chipiga this worked perfectly for me, unfortunately this will need to be done every time CKEditor is upgraded as happened here: 1491f0d

There needs to be another commit to solve the problem as well as potentially making @galetahub aware that this edit will need to be made on every CKEditor source upgrade.


@ctilley83 I am wondering if there's a way to refer to a version containing the fix in my Gemfile in order to avoid regressions with future deployments.

Right now I am using this

gem "ckeditor", :git => "https://github.com/galetahub/ckeditor.git", :branch  => "master"

as the rc3 version does not work with IE. I am concerned that by linking to the latest version, I'll experience a regression sooner or later as per @jfelchner's comment.

Edit: Answered my own question:

gem "ckeditor", :git => "https://github.com/galetahub/ckeditor.git", :ref  => "5fa239e7"

Unfortunately this locks me out of future improvements.


Looks like @delwyn has duplicated the work that I did to update ckeditor to use the 3.6.3 javascript assets. By the way, in my changes for 4d78aba I went back and re-applied all of the fixes that @galetahub has in the master branch. This includes the IE fix for issue #94.

Until the pull is accepted by @galetahub, you can use my branch to get support for 3.6.3.

gem "ckeditor", :git => "git://github.com/joe1chen/ckeditor.git"
@galetahub galetahub added a commit that referenced this issue May 14, 2012
@galetahub Fix issue #94 6592ba9


Fixed in commit: 6592ba9

@galetahub galetahub closed this May 14, 2012

@joe1chen Yours works, thanks

@galetahub Your recent commits fixed the editor in IE for dev, but not production it seems.


Can you send me detail information what coming wrong in IE? I am Ubuntu user and cannot test in IE9.


I don't know the exact reason for it not working in production, but the @joe1chen fork fixes the issue and likely has all the details.

This commit might be the one that fixes it... joe1chen@4d78aba

The issue in IE though is that the editor doesn't appear and only the standard textarea is shown.


seems like this bug was reintroduced as 3.7.3 has the ckeditor.js file with the incorrect version again.

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