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Deskew CLI Tool v1.30

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@galfar galfar released this 18 Jun 12:35
· 43 commits to master since this release

Command line tool for deskewing scanned documents. Binaries for several platforms and test images included.


Recent changes:

v1.30 2019-06-07:

  • fix #15: Better image quality after rotation - better default and also selectable nearest|linear|cubic|lanczos filtering
  • fix #5: Detect skew angle only (no rotation done) - optionally only skew detection
  • fix #17: Optional auto-crop after rotation
  • fix #3: Command line option to set output compression - now for TIFF and JPEG
  • fix #12: Bad behavior when an output is given and no deskewing is needed
  • libtiff in macOS is now picked up also when binaries are put directly in the directory with deskew
  • text output is flushed after every write (Linux/Unix): it used to be flushed only when writing to device but not file/pipe.

v1.25 2018-05-19:

  • fix #6: Preserve DPI measurement system (TIFF)
  • fix #4: Output image not saved in requested format (when deskewing is skipped)
  • dynamic loading of libtiff library - adds TIFF support in macOS when libtiff is installed