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Execute binaries within container
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Run commands without installing them

Simple way to run any executedble without installing it on your host machine.


Docker Engine


Supported operating systems

  • All unixes with kernel over 3.10
  • Docker for mac
  • Docker for mac edge

For OSX limitations and workaround go to OSX Doc

Supported commands

  • node
  • npm
  • yarn
  • php
  • composer


Clone this repository.

git clone

Add bin directory to your executables.

You need to modify your PATH variable. So open .bash_rc or .bash_profile or any other file where you are storing your variables and add this entry


NOTE: For osx users there is a problem with php. As OSX comes with preinstalled version of php the php will not work. There is run-php alias command. More info here

NOTE 2: There are some limitations with the Docker for mac for networking features.

NOTE 3: Please look into our Docker for mac branch for more information.



You need to unistall your existing installations of commands that we provide you with this repo. Or you need to change the names for those command if you want to use both.

Running commands

You can now run each of our commands.

npm -v && node -v && yarn -v && php -v && composer -v

Version swtich

We relay this functionality on top of oficial docker images so we can switch versions for each our command as we would like to use the docker tags.

To keep all usages as small as possible we are using as and distribution the smallests distributions, it can be alpine or in some cases slim.

For each supported command there is equivalent of DockerBinary environment variable. If you don't change the variable we are using always the latest available version.

Using environemnt variables

Run latest node.js version for different relase:

> v7.10.0

> v8.1.2

Run very speficic node.js release:

DB_NODE_VERSION=8.0.0 node -v
> v8.0.0

Enabling the TTY mode

In some cases you need to interact with command. Like for example giving answers on yarn init command.

error An unexpected error occurred: "Can't answer a question unless a user TTY".

You can enable the TTY option with the environment settings:

TTY=enable yarn init


Article about how you can setup your own repository and how to install this one.

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