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High performance library for creating, modiyfing and parsing PDF files in C++
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Welcome to PDF-Writer.
A Fast and Free C++ Library for Creating, Parsing an Manipulating PDF Files and Streams.
Documentation is available here.
Project site is here.

If you are looking for a NodeJS module go here.

Note for contributors:

  1. Your contributions are very welcome.
  2. Contributions must adhare to:
    1. Has to be cross platform. and that means PC, OSX, Linux. and please be in charge of verifying that.
    2. if you would like to introduce a new lib to go with PDF-Writer, keep in mind:
    3. License has to be kept at the same level. if you are introducing something that will break Apache2.0 or MIT (in other words - gpl, lgpl or such), it's not allowed.
    4. A derivative work of PDF-Writer is HummusJS, a NodeJS module. So note that any lib that you add, It should be relatively easy to add it not only to the Cmake files, but also to binding.gyp. help me with that and you earned an extra star.
    5. Everything goes through moderation, so be patient, please, sorry i'm just one guy.
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