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Proof Search for ILLWiL

Intuitionistic Linear Logic With Leftovers (ILLWiL) is a generalisation of Intuitionistic Linear Logic enjoying a notion of weakening which is well-suited for correct by construction proof search.

This repository aims at presenting the material used in the paper "Certified Proof Search for Intuitionistic Linear Logic" in a self-contained manner.

Directory tree

  • equality/ contains a patched version of the subset of Nils Anders Danielsson's library for "Bag equivalence via a Proof-Relevant Membership Relation" (abstract, darcs repository) necessary to typecheck our project. The patch allows us to use both his library and the standard one without conflicts.

  • stdlib/ contains a copy of the subset of Agda's standard library necessary to typecheck our project. It was extracted from the latest stable release at the time of writing the paper (i.e. version 0.9).

  • lps/ contains our development.

  • papers/ contains two versions of our paper: the one submitted as well as an extended version with more proofs and more comments about the datastructures used.

  • fonts/ contains the XITS fonts necessary to compile the tex files. You can put them in ~/.fonts/


The two versions of the paper are (re)generated at each update using Travis. The current build status is: build status

In order to reproduce these results and typecheck this project, one needs:

A rather recent version of Agda

It needs to support pattern synonyms and the LaTeX backend both introduced in version 2.3.2. On the Travis builds, we use a binary corresponding to the latest commit of the development version which compiles and passes the test-suite.

The usual extra texlive packages

For the Travis builds, we typically install: latexmk, texlive, texlive-xetex, texlive-latex-extra, texlive-math-extra and texlive-fonts-extra from the TeX Live Backports ppa providing us with TeX Live 2012.