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tinyMAS: a Tiny MultiAgent Java Platform

The Tiny Multiagent Platform is a very small platform which permits to implement and run agent-based systems.

This platform was written by Stéphane GALLAND and GAUD Nicolas for the multiagent courses of the Computer Science Department of the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard.

TinyMAS is no more under development. A large amount of its source code is merged into the Janus platform.

tinyMAS: a SARL Run-time Environment

SARL is a general-purpose agent-oriented language. SARL aims at providing the fundamental abstractions for dealing with concurrency, distribution, interaction, decentralization, reactivity, autonomy and dynamic reconfiguration. These high-level features are now considered as the major requirements for an easy and practical implementation of modern complex software applications.

A SARL Run-time Environment (SRE) executes or interprets compiled SARL code on an "hardware platform." A module of tinyMAS was written to make it a SRE. The tinyMAS SRE does not support all the elements of the SARL metamodel. Indeed the support for external contexts and inner contexts is not implemented.

A short tutorial in available of the SARL website for creating a SRE with the tinyMAS platform: