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MTN raise explicit errors, change print into warnings, remove too ver…

…bose warning
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TomDLT committed Aug 26, 2019
1 parent e2b9d94 commit a1d4f3f64b630e0b14d3ed34c792c70787b28379
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@@ -504,36 +504,45 @@ def _make_layer(parent, name):

from shapely.geometry import Polygon

def _center_pts(pts):
'''Fancy label position generator, using erosion to get label coordinate'''
min = pts.min(0)
pts -= min
max = pts.max(0)
max[max == 0] = 1
pts /= max

#probably don't need more than 20 points, reduce detail of the polys
if len(pts) > 20:
pts = pts[::len(pts)//20]

if len(pts) < 3:
raise RuntimeError()
poly = Polygon([tuple(p) for p in pts])
last_i = None
for i in np.linspace(0,1,100):
if poly.buffer(-i).is_empty:
return list(poly.buffer(-last_i).centroid.coords)[0] * max + min
if last_i is None:
raise RuntimeError()
a = list(poly.buffer(-last_i).centroid.coords)[0] * max + min
return a
last_i = i

print("unable to find zero centroid...")
return list(poly.buffer(-100).centroid.coords)[0] * max + min
# This may not be worth being so verbose about... I think this is only for label positions.
import warnings
warnings.warn("Shapely error - computing mean of points instead of geometric center")
warnings.warn("Unable to find zero centroid.")
return list(poly.buffer(-100).centroid.coords)[0] * max + min
except RuntimeError:
return np.nanmean(pts, 0) * max + min

except (ImportError, OSError):
print("Cannot find shapely, using simple label placement")
import warnings
warnings.warn("Cannot find shapely, using simple label placement.")

def _center_pts(pts):
return pts.mean(0)
return np.nanmean(pts, 0)

def _labelpos(pts):
if pts.ndim < 3:

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