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Commits on Sep 27, 2019
  1. Fsaverage transform (#334)

    MShinkle authored and marklescroart committed Sep 27, 2019
    Related to fsaverage transform: 
    * ENH add mri_surf2surf matrix
    * ENH: allow setting custom subjects_dir in mri_surf2surf
    * ENH: informative outputs for calls to freesurfer functions
    * ENH: added caching of surf2surf transforms in pycortex filestore (in surf2surf directory in each subject)
    * ENH: added function to map vertex object from one subject (using cached transforms) to another subject via freesurfer's sphere registration. 
    Not related to fsaverage, misc fixes included because this PR went on too long:
    * FIX: misc python3 fixes, incl removal of fstrings and whitespace
    * FIX: dict comprehension fix in anonymization code.
    * ENH: update to freesurfer alignment to allow optional reference image input from intial alignment
    * ENH: added output text to fs_manual() to clarify how to save transform, option for which surface to use for fs aligner.
    * FIX: killed string/bytes bug w/ addition of data to cutting in blender
    * ENH: Update to cut_surface to check whether fiducial vertex count matches inflated vertex count; avoids wasted work segmenting surfaces that won't flatten
    * FIX: potential config-stored cache was not correctly handled in freesurfer re-import of flatmaps.
    * minor changes (cleanup, simplification) to fs_align and, minor changes to function (preserving vmin, vmax, cmap)
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