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PHP Malware Finder

 _______  __   __  _______
|  ___  ||  |_|  ||       |
| |   | ||       ||    ___|
| |___| ||       ||   |___   Webshell finder,
|    ___||       ||    ___|   kiddies hunter,
|   |    | ||_|| ||   |		website cleaner.
|___|    |_|   |_||___|

Detect potentially malicious PHP files.

What does it detect?

PHP-malware-finder does its very best to detect obfuscated/dodgy code as well as files using PHP functions often used in malwares/webshells.

The following list of encoders/obfuscators/webshells are also detected:

How does it work?

Detection is performed by crawling the filesystem and testing files against a set of YARA rules. Yes, it's that simple!

How to use it?

$ ./phpmalwarefinder -h
Usage phpmalwarefinder [-cfhw] <file|folder> ...
	-c  Optional path to a configuration file
	-f  Fast mode
	-h  Show this help message
	-v  Verbose mode

Or if you prefer to use yara:

$ yara -r ./malwares.yara /var/www


Check the whitelist.yara file. If you're lazy, you can generate whitelists for entire folders with the script.


PHP-malware-finder is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.

The amazing YARA project is licensed under the Apache v2.0 license.

Patches, whitelists or samples are of course more than welcome.