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Raw photo support #65

merged 39 commits into from Aug 21, 2011

2 participants


This patch provides raw photo support in a third party module. When a raw photo is uploaded, it is immediately converted to a JPEG. All subsequent Gallery operations work exclusively with the JPEG. Changes also had to be made to the Keep Original module, because it was only listening to rotate events, and because that event handler was broken. This patch relies on small changes to the framework, (see gallery/gallery3#47). This pull request supercedes request #62.

chadparry added some commits Apr 21, 2011
@chadparry chadparry Add support for raw photo formats. 8500fba
@chadparry chadparry Report as a site status when the graphics toolkit doesn't support Raw…
… Photos.
@chadparry chadparry Use the "self" reference. b276808
@chadparry chadparry Merge branch 'master' of into r…
@chadparry chadparry Don't forget to escape unsafe characters in error messages. 50d7feb
@chadparry chadparry Error messages should be able to contain HTML.
This reverts commit 50d7feb.
@chadparry chadparry Convert raw photos during an item_created event rather than a graphic…
…s rule.
@chadparry chadparry Use the system::tempnam substitute so that extensions are handled saf…
@chadparry chadparry Update a deprecated method and poor preg syntax so that the Keep Orig…
…inal module will work.
@chadparry chadparry Extend the Keep Original module so that it is triggered by updated da…
…ta files.
@chadparry chadparry Use the new get_data_file() helper instead of reaching inside the item. 79f0bc8
@chadparry chadparry Mark an internal helper method as private. ab93a47
@chadparry chadparry Merge branch 'master' of git:// in…
…to rawphoto
@chadparry chadparry Add a TODO to point out that the original's extension shouldn't be ch…
@chadparry chadparry Warn the user if they are using the Raw Photos module but not the Kee…
…p Original module.
@chadparry chadparry Fill in the extra new fields for the module info. e1a15fb
@chadparry chadparry Add a site status warning for when dcraw is not installed. 9796ea6
@chadparry chadparry Merge branch 'master' of git:// in…
…to rawphoto
@chadparry chadparry Remove a newline at the end of the file that I accidentally introduced. dcc3fb9
@chadparry chadparry Change the name of the extensions helper to legal_file. 89775a6
@chadparry chadparry The signature of system::tempname changed. 3a90b86
@chadparry chadparry The data_file field is public, so we don't need to use an accessor me…
@chadparry chadparry Merge branch 'master' of git:// in…
…to rawphoto
@chadparry chadparry Avoid "self::" because Kohana can't override it. 4c4e4ef
@chadparry chadparry Add a missing semicolon pointed out by @floridave. cf8e465
@chadparry chadparry Merge branch 'master' of git:// in…
…to rawphoto
@chadparry chadparry Handle the new legal_file events. 5de3500
@chadparry chadparry Some versions of dcraw emit usage info to stderr instead of stdout. A…
…lso, italicize dcraw and module titles.
@chadparry chadparry Selectively omit dcraw options that would not be supported by the cur…
…rently installed version.
@chadparry chadparry Upgrade to version 2, since older versions of dcraw are now supported. 190b5e0
@chadparry chadparry Fix the module version to match 9d0d193
@chadparry chadparry Merge branch 'master' into rawphoto a7ebe43
@chadparry chadparry Require a version of the Gallery framework that supports the new item…
… conversion features
@chadparry chadparry Bump the version number to 3 9e3e3c5
@chadparry chadparry Improve handling for more raw image types from 0ea4670
@chadparry chadparry Remove a newline at the end of the file that I accidentally introduce…
…d again!
@chadparry chadparry Avoid "self::" because Kohana can't override it. 3a3c394
@chadparry chadparry Remove a trailing newline again! 5c5fc56
@chadparry chadparry Merge branch 'master' into rawphoto 18688da

Now that the Gallery framework changes are committed, and also pull request #80 is in, this version of my module is ready to be committed. Thanks!

@bharat bharat merged commit 53abda7 into gallery:master Aug 21, 2011
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