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For those that run gallery3 at the top level, include a robots.txt fi…

…le to exlude gallery3 working directories from index by robots. Fixes #794 - thanks nigel_aves
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1 parent 1e7a2f5 commit 2117d7725e636ce408b85501032bc8aff86d3000 @talmdal talmdal committed Sep 22, 2009
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@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+User-agent: *
+Disallow: /application/
+Disallow: /installer/
+Disallow: /lib/
+Disallow: /modules/
+Disallow: /system/
+Disallow: /themes/
+Disallow: /var/logs/
+Disallow: /var/modules/
+Disallow: /var/resizes/
+Disallow: /var/thumbs/
+Disallow: /var/tmp/
+Disallow: /var/uploads/

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