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Fix Kohana's internal cache for Gallery's usage pattern. Instead of d…

…eleting the whole find_files cache when ever include_paths (=core.modules) change, keep a separate find_files cache for each set of include_paths.

Benefits for Gallery:
 - There are about 3000 is_file() invocations for a photo / album page in a vanilla Gallery installation. These are mostly triggered by Kohana::find_file().
 - Enabling internal_cache doesn't help at all (see explanation below). The number of is_file() invocations is about the same with or without this cache.
 - With this patch, more than 95% of these invocations are gone. The cache works as intended.

Kohana's internal_cache for find_file wasn't working in Gallery because
the cache would be emptied on each request after reading it from disk and
before most lookups would run.
 1. Bootstrap sets initial core.modules (= include path): forge, kohana23_compat, gallery.
 2. Kohana::setup() loads find_file cache from disk.
 3. Gallery loads list of active modules and themes, and updates the core.modules value (=include path), which forces the internal find_file cache to be empties (which makes sense).
 4. Request processing starts, and thus 80+% of all Kohana::find_file() triggered  is_file() invocations start off with an empty find_file cache.

The patch doesn't have a significant impact on performance for Kohana applications which don't change their include paths at runtime (after Kohana::setup). And the patch should benefit all Kohana applications which have modules / extensions, i.e. which first need to bootstrap Kohana before they can load a list of all active modules from the database.
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1 parent 6cbe0f7 commit 336c3bd264b4af2ab74fe1262366ad6f2e705451 @andyst andyst committed Feb 22, 2010
Showing with 5 additions and 11 deletions.
  1. +5 −11 system/core/Kohana.php
16 system/core/Kohana.php
@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@
// Include paths
protected static $include_paths;
+ protected static $include_paths_hash = '';
// Cache lifetime
protected static $cache_lifetime;
@@ -365,14 +366,7 @@ public static function include_paths($process = FALSE)
// Add SYSPATH as the last path
Kohana::$include_paths[] = SYSPATH;
- // Clear cached include paths
- self::$internal_cache['find_file_paths'] = array();
- if ( ! isset(self::$write_cache['find_file_paths']))
- {
- // Write cache at shutdown
- self::$write_cache['find_file_paths'] = TRUE;
- }
+ Kohana::$include_paths_hash = md5(serialize(Kohana::$include_paths));
return Kohana::$include_paths;
@@ -766,8 +760,8 @@ public static function find_file($directory, $filename, $required = FALSE, $ext
// Search path
$search = $directory.'/'.$filename.$ext;
- if (isset(Kohana::$internal_cache['find_file_paths'][$search]))
- return Kohana::$internal_cache['find_file_paths'][$search];
+ if (isset(Kohana::$internal_cache['find_file_paths'][Kohana::$include_paths_hash][$search]))
+ return Kohana::$internal_cache['find_file_paths'][Kohana::$include_paths_hash][$search];
// Load include paths
$paths = Kohana::$include_paths;
@@ -824,7 +818,7 @@ public static function find_file($directory, $filename, $required = FALSE, $ext
Kohana::$write_cache['find_file_paths'] = TRUE;
- return Kohana::$internal_cache['find_file_paths'][$search] = $found;
+ return Kohana::$internal_cache['find_file_paths'][Kohana::$include_paths_hash][$search] = $found;

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