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Add docs reflecting that we may skip some items that have invalid par…

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1 parent aa40bdd commit 8559cdb5b6bfa87864941f726521660023779fa7 @bharat bharat committed
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  1. +4 −0 modules/gallery/helpers/gallery_task.php
4 modules/gallery/helpers/gallery_task.php
@@ -357,6 +357,10 @@ static function fix($task) {
// We'll do a depth-first tree walk over our hierarchy using only the adjacency data because
// we don't trust MPTT here (that might be what we're here to fix!). Avoid avoid using ORM
// calls as much as possible since they're expensive.
+ //
+ // NOTE: the MPTT check will only traverse items that have valid parents. It's possible that
+ // we have some tree corruption where there are items with parent ids to non-existent items.
+ // We should probably do something about that.
while ($state != self::FIX_STATE_DONE && microtime(true) - $start < 1.5) {
switch ($state) {

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