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A Laravel package to shorten urls
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Laravel Short Url Build Status StyleCI

Laravel Short Url is a package allowing you to shorten urls.


With composer

composer require gallib/laravel-short-url

then run

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Gallib\ShortUrl\ShortUrlServiceProvider"
php artisan migrate

finally, paste ShortUrl::routes(); at the end of routes/web.php


Laravel Short Url configuration file can be found on config/shorturl.php

  • blacklist : Allows to blacklist urls. Keywords can be either an url, a keyword or an extension

Advanced configuration

Instead of adding ShortUrl::routes(); you can call three separates methods:

  • ShortUrl::createRoutes(); to shorten urls
  • ShortUrl::manageRoutes(); to manage urls
  • ShortUrl::redirectRoute(); to redirect to the url

this allows you to add middlewares or prefix routes.


Laravel short url is now set up on your homepage.

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