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SMACCMPilot Build

An umbrella repository which organizes all of the submodules for the SMACCMPilot project, and provides a development environment as a Vagrant VM.


More information about the SMACCMPilot project on the web at

Developers are encouraged to join our mailing list for project updates.

Development Environment

See the development-environment directory to set up a Vagrant virtual machine for building the SMACCMPilot codebase.


This repository is a convenient way to fetch the several git repositories required to build SMACCMPilot, via the git submodule system. To fetch the submodules after cloning, run

        git submodule init
        git submodule update

The following submodules are included:

gec: Galois Embedded Crypto

gidl: Galois Interface Description Language

ivory: Ivory Language

ivory-rtverification: Ivory Language Runtime Verification

ivory-tower-posix: Tower backend for Posix

ivory-tower-stm32: Tower backend for STM32 Microcontroller

smaccmpilot-SiK: SMACCMPilot-compatible firmware for SiK Radio

tower: Tower Language

tower-camkes-odroid: Tower Language backend for SEL4 Camkes with ODroid BSP

Copyright and License

All Ivory, Tower, and SMACCMPilot code is copyright 2013-2015 Galois, Inc. and licensed with the BSD 3-Clause License.

For more details, consult the information in each submodule.


This project adheres to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. Please report unaccpetable behavior to


An umbrella repository including all of the dependencies to build the smaccmpilot project


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