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Provides a real-time Word Count in the status-bar for Sublime Text 2. See:

Count words on document or in selections.

The minimal word length is 1 and does not count digits.

An estimated reading time is now appended to the end of the word count.


Install this repository automatically via "Package Control"


  • enable_live_count : true

     Allows to control if the live word counter is enabled. Otherwise will be enabled for selections only.
  • enable_readtime : true

     Allows you to control if the estimated reading time is enabled.
     Reading time is only displayed when there is a time > 1s.
  • readtime_wpm : 200

     Sets the WPM to calculate the Estimated Reading Time for the file.
  • whitelist_syntaxes : []

     An array of syntax names that WordCount should run on. 
     Example: ["Plain text", "Markdown"]
     If the array is empty, like it is by default, WordCount will run on any syntax.