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Greg Althaus galthaus

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Public contributions

Contributions in the last year 1,526 total Oct 4, 2014 – Oct 4, 2015
Longest streak 16 days June 23 – July 8
Current streak 8 days September 27 – October 4
Period: 1 week

Contribution activity

84 commits

35 Pull Requests

  1. Merged #41 Have forwarder be the real front for api rackn/digitalrebar-deploy
  2. Merged #855 Clean the bridge all up. digitalrebar/core
  3. Merged #7 Allow port 3000 to be served from everywhere and anywhere. digitalrebar/forwarder
  4. Merged #854 Prov tweaks digitalrebar/core
  5. Merged #38 Make webproxy priv so it can change it's default rackn/digitalrebar-deploy
  6. Merged #3 Make proxy point at forwarder so it can talk to the provisioner. rackn/deploy-webproxy
  7. Merged #853 Remove gemsite for now. It wasn't really populated and digitalrebar/core
  8. Merged #3 Goiardi needs to say forwarder is me. rackn/deploy-goiardi
  9. Merged #852 Ignore the proxy server in no proxy digitalrebar/core
  10. Merged #6 Old masq line digitalrebar/forwarder
  11. Merged #5 put back masquerade line of old for now. digitalrebar/forwarder
  12. Merged #851 Make the provisioner an internal service frontend by the digitalrebar/core
  13. Merged #37 Don't give IP addresses to DHCP and provisioner containers. rackn/digitalrebar-deploy
  14. Merged #1 Add a dhcp relay agent to push hit the internal dhcp server rackn/deploy-forwarder
  15. Merged #63 Remove the ipmi-master role. It is now in the rebar_api container. rackn/hardware
  16. Merged #4 I think we still need masquerade on this part digitalrebar/forwarder
  17. Merged #5 Clean up the provisioner json files rackn/deploy-provisioner
  18. Merged #850 Remove the setting of the IP on the host digitalrebar/core
  19. Merged #3 Make the dhcp point to the forwarder because it needs to talk to rackn/deploy-dhcp
  20. Merged #4 Point at forwarder so that we can access services before rackn/deploy-provisioner
  21. Merged #1 Use the forwarder to make sure the admin network is reachable. rackn/deploy-node
  22. Merged #36 More nat tweaks rackn/digitalrebar-deploy
  23. Merged #6 Nat fix rackn/deploy-rebar-api
  24. Merged #849 Remove readlink -f and replace with readlink old. digitalrebar/core
  25. Merged #3 Fix link command that was missing paths in some cases. rackn/deploy-provisioner
  26. Merged #35 ports are backwards. rackn/digitalrebar-deploy
  27. Merged #34 Move cadvisor to 8181 from 8080 to not conflict with Jenkins. rackn/digitalrebar-deploy
  28. Merged #848 Allow ansible playbook definitions to remap wanted attributes digitalrebar/core
  29. Merged #2 Export to forwarder to make available rackn/deploy-webproxy
  30. Merged #5 Make services internal to force forwarding rackn/deploy-rebar-api
  31. Merged #2 Make chef server internal for forwarder to forward. rackn/deploy-goiardi
  32. Merged #33 Add the FORWARDER that does port forwarding for the docker services rackn/digitalrebar-deploy
  33. Merged #4 Convert the services to internal and let forwarder expose them rackn/deploy-dns
  34. Merged #847 Add a --no-pull option to allow for container development digitalrebar/core
  35. Merged #841 Add command run to the ansible playbook log digitalrebar/core

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