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International decentralized land and real estate property registry, governed by DAO, and self-governance platform for communities of homeowners on Ethereum

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  1. 🗺Private property registry is ERC721 Ownable Smart contract on Ethereum. Anyone can create a private registry using the smart contract Factory by paying a fee in ETH or GALT and become its owner. T…

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  2. 🗺 Single decentralised land and real estate property registry governed by DAO. The creation of land and real estate tokens is approved by the decentralised community of Cadastral engineers and Nota…

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  3. 📚Galt Project documentation. Work in progress.

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  4. 🦈 Your self-hosted decentralized Messenger, Social network, Media file storage on top of IPFS! Freely communicate in encrypted chat groups, share images, video, text or any data without a risk of c…

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  5. 🏢Owners of land plot and real estate ERC721 tokens can unite in Communities for self-governance. Community is a DAO and may be an alternative to the municipal government. Such a system is devoid of…

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