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  • Easy & Efficient Location Tracker for iOS

    Swift 264 MIT Updated Jan 1, 2018
  • Playing around with uni-directional data flows and Redux concepts

    Swift Updated Dec 28, 2017
  • API Management inspired by Django REST framework

    Swift 3 Apache-2.0 1 issue needs help Updated Nov 22, 2017
  • Example iOS Xcode project for a blog post on enhancing Enum for Swift.

    Swift Updated Nov 14, 2017
  • Yet Another Implementation of the ToDo App. In this we are exploring server side swift and new app architectures

    HTML Updated Nov 7, 2017
  • Open source project for securely deploying internal websites from a GitHub repository.

    Updated Aug 21, 2017
  • A sample iOS app for image tagging and face detection built with IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk

    Swift 20 Updated May 11, 2017
  • 🔢 NativeScript plugin to retrieve the current version of the app

    JavaScript 12 MIT Updated Sep 15, 2016
  • Xcode Plugin, Templates, Test Runner for Silver Programming Language from RemObjects

    Pascal 1 MIT Updated Sep 22, 2014
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