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This repository will be a smattering of resources for learning Python.

One-click way to Get Started!

Click the button below to launch a Jupyter notebook server in a Docker Container. No local install required; it's as easy as pie.


Folder Structure

In terms of what all of the folders contain (and what order it might be good to look through if you're starting from ground 0):

  1. installation - This contains resources and basic installation instructions for getting an environment set up to run Python.

  2. intro_scripts - This contains a couple of toy scripts that you're invited to play with, tinker with, etc. It might be nice to run these just to double check that your environment is all set up.

  3. basic_resources - These contain notebooks for getting up and running with Python basics (with a focus on data science). Currently, there are notebooks for introductions to functions, classes, pandas, and sklearn.

  4. exploring_data - This contains an easy-to-follow exploration of a dataset of Hotel Receipts for hotels in Texas. This is a great example of how to approach a new dataset!

  5. Bokeh_Demo - This contains a quick intro to Bokeh, along with a demo of 2 examples of using Bokeh to create visualizations on a Pandas DataFrame.


Resources for Learning Python



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