Atari kata from Brian Marick's Clojure workshop in Oslo
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# Atari kata in Clojure

Clojure implementation of the Atari kata (more or less as presented by Keith Braithwaite in the 'TDD as if you meant it' worktorial at the Software Craftsmanship 2009 conference).
See Gojko Adzic's writeup about the original worktorial for a description of the kata format:

## Kata description

The exercise involves writing a piece of code to evaluate whether 
a stone in the Go game is 'in Atari', i.e. whether it can be taken. 
The definition of whether a stone can be taken was given as it 
having only one ‘liberty’, with liberties defined as free horizontal
or vertical places adjacent to the stone. 

Performed by Andreas Jakobsen and Geir Amdal at Brian Marick's Clojure workshop in Oslo in September 2011.