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Raspberry Pi - PSU
C Shell
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eagle Added gerbers Oct 6, 2013
images Tweaks to R3 firmware and hardware silk Sep 21, 2013
Makefile Tweaks to R3 firmware and hardware silk Sep 22, 2013 Specify hardware license Oct 5, 2013
main.c R2/R3 firmware updated, Replaced NPN transistor in R3 schematic Sep 16, 2013
main.eep.hex Renamed project to Raspberry Pi - PSU Sep 3, 2013
main.hex Ubuntu Dash comments added to sample client script Nov 21, 2013

Raspberry Pi - PSU

Formally known as Raspberry Pi Power Button (rpi-pwrbtn).

To be used in the Marshmallow Entertainment System, it allows the Raspberry Pi to be powered ON or OFF from an external power button simiar to the XBOX's own power button.

Hardware License



It works for me, so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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