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HTTPS Support

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LuaSocket doesn't support HTTPS on its own and needs a helper library like LuaSec

CCLite by default comes with support disabled and https requests get automatically dropped to http, which the server may or may not like.

Hopefully this page will help you get proper HTTPS working


apt-get install lua-sec

This should get everything you need.

Then go into conf.lua and set useLuaSec to true


For HTTPS support, you'll need to grab:

From LuaSec: Binaries, Lua Code:

  • ssl.dll -> ssl.dll

  • luasec-luasec-0.4.1/src/ssl.lua -> ssl.lua

  • luasec-luasec-0.4.1/src/https.lua -> ssl/https.lua

You also need to install OpenSSL: Windows

Place these files where the love executable can get to them, where love is installed or the lua path.

Then go into conf.lua and set useLuaSec to true


There is an file on the Binaries page.

I don't know if it works since I don't have a mac.

Someone try it and tell me if you can get https working.

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