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AppReviews is a tool for iPhone and iPod touch developers, allowing you to keep track of how your applications are being reviewed and rated by users across all of the iTunes App Stores worldwide. Of course you can already do this now by finding your application in each iTunes App Store, but AppReviews make this a one-tap operation once you have added your application identifier into the AppReviews applications list.

AppReviews helps you find your "poisonous" reviews fast, even in App Stores which you might not usually see. You can benefit from this by identifying reported issues faster and/or reporting abuse in your reviews in an attempt to lessen their impact on your sales, or just revel in the glory of all your 5-star reviews across the world!


  • View the average ratings and total number of reviews of your application(s) across all of the iTunes App Stores worldwide.
  • View the first 25 reviews from all of the iTunes App Stores worldwide (sorted by most favorable, most critical, most recent, most helpful).
  • Disable countries that you are not interested in via the main Settings application, which decreases download times.
  • Works over Wi-Fi or cellular data connections.
  • Saves reviews locally, so you can browse reviews already downloaded without requiring a data connection.


AppReviews currently requires each application's unique application indentifier, which is found in your reports from Apple and also in the iTunes Store URL (right-click on your application icon in iTunes App Store).

Why open-source it?

I have released AppReviews as open-source for two main reasons:

  • It fetches data using a non-public web API and therefore cannot be sold in the App Store (Don't Ask Me How I Know This :-)
  • I no longer have as much free time to work on this project.

However, it is a useful tool for iPhone developers and I didn't want to see it just die off, so I am releasing it as open-source (under the BSD license) in the hope that others might contribute and improve AppReviews for the benefit of all of us developers.

Why rename it?

The open-source AppCritics was renamed to AppReviews to avoid a name-clash with an existing app in the App Store.


This software is released under the terms of the BSD License

For More Information

Please visit the AppReviews page at Percula Software.