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Hello world with Node using Vagrant

###Setting up Vagrant

If you yet have downloaded vagrant and downloaded the precise32 box, you can skip this part.

Make sure you have virtual box instaleed and then install vagrant 1.4.3 from here

Then run

$ vagrant init precise32
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant destroy

It will download the virtual machine.

###Configure Vagrant box

$ git clone
$ cd trello-node 
$ vagrant up

It will set up your environment. Let's connect into it

$ vagrant ssh
$ cd /vagrant/app

###Running the application

Let's install the application dependencies

$ nvm use v0.11.10
$ npm install --no-bin-links

and now start the application

$ node app.js

Go in your browser to

Once you are done coding and playing. You can exit from the server with

$ exit
$ vagrant suspend