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This directory contains miscellaneous files related to Gambit-C.
The following shell scripts are provided to configure the system for
compiling with various C compilers under Windows-NT/95 and MSDOS:
"conf_msc" for the Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 compiler
"conf_bor" for the Borland C++ 5.0 compiler
"conf_wat" for the Watcom C/C++ 11.0 compiler
"conf_dj" for the DJGPP system v2.0 (a port of gcc for MSDOS)
For all these scripts it is assumed that the MKS toolkit 5.1 is
installed (the scripts and makefiles may need to be modified for other
toolkits). Scripts must be called from the main distribution
directory, such as "misc/conf_msc". A "make -r" (or "make -r
FORCE_STATIC_LINK=yes") after that will build the system. Because of
a bug in MKS the "-r" flag is required when you invoke "make"
The following files will be built: the interpreter in "gsi/gsi.exe",
the compiler in "gsc/gsc.exe" and the runtime library in
- for DJGPP: "lib/libgambc.a"
- for others when statically linked: "lib/libgambc.lib"
- for others when dynamically linked: "lib/gambc.dll"
("lib/gambc.lib" is the corresponding import library)
By default, the executables created by these scripts are console
applications. Windowed applications for Windows-NT/95 can be created
with the Watcom C/C++ compiler by calling up the script with
"WINDOWED=yes misc/conf_wat".
Normally the sources are compiled as C source code. If you want to
force a C++ compilation, prefix the configuration command with
CPLUSPLUS=yes as in "CPLUSPLUS=yes misc/conf_msc".
To build the Gambit-C system using an IDE (Integrated Development
Environment) you can use the following files which contain projects
for building the interpreter and the compiler as statically linked
"" for the Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 compiler
"" for the Borland C++ 5.0 compiler
"" for the Watcom C/C++ 11.0 compiler
"proj_cw.hqx" for the Macintosh CodeWarrior C/C++ compiler
version 11, Pro 1, Pro 2 or Pro 3
After decompressing these files, move the appropriate project file to
the main distribution directory, load the appropriate project file in
the IDE and build the project.
On the Macintosh the distribution file should be decompressed with the
following Macintosh utilities: MacGzip 1.0 and suntar 2.1.
The interpreter and compiler can be compiled as 68k native or PowerPC
native applications on the Macintosh. The PowerPC version of the
compiler can dynamically compile Scheme files (using the
"compile-file" procedure) and load the resulting object file (using
the "load" procedure). This is done by sending AppleEvents to the
CodeWarrior IDE (version 1.7.4, 2.0, 2.1 or 3.0), which must be currently
running when "compile-file" is called. Moreover the project files
"compile-file.*" and the "gambit.h" header file must be installed in
the "Gambit installation directory" (the folder "gambc" in the folder
"Gambit-C" in the "Preferences" folder). In order to compile some of
the larger C files the memory setting of the CodeWarrior IDE should be
increased by at least 3MB and virtual memory should be turned on.
The compiler and interpreter now contain a friendly user interface with
online help system and an integrated editor.
"bench.tgz" is a compressed (gzip) "tar" archive containing many
Scheme benchmarks and a shell script to test these benchmarks on
several different Scheme implementations.