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Actions status

Project Status


Description Done Status
Checkout project Native support


Description Done Status
Request activation file Actions status
Activate license Actions status
Return license Actions status
Caching dependencies Native support


Description Done Status
Test edit mode Actions status
Test play mode Actions status
Test all in one Actions status


Target Platform Done Status
WebGL Builds - Ubuntu
Windows Mono Builds - Ubuntu
Linux Mono Builds - Ubuntu
macOS Mono Builds - Ubuntu
Windows IL2CPP Builds - Windows
Linux IL2CPP Builds - Ubuntu
macOS IL2CPP Builds - MacOS
Android Builds - Ubuntu
iOS Builds - Ubuntu
Universal Windows Platform Builds - Windows
AppleTV Builds - Windows
Windows Dedicated Server In progress
Linux Dedicated Server In progress
macOS Dedicated Server In progress
Lumin In progress
Xbox Requires NDA
Playstation Requires NDA
Switch Requires NDA

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