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Delapouite commented Oct 17, 2016 edited

Hello all.

What I call the studio is the set of tools that appears in the left colum on each icon page ; this is the place where you can tweak lots of things like colors, sizes…

Today a new version of the studio has been released, totally rewritten from the ground up.

New options have been added:

  • new shapes (horizontal hexagon, octagon, star)
  • glow effect on foreground
  • optional clipping of foreground
  • independent text color
  • text size
  • more presets

Many things can still be improved / added.

Here are a few I have in mind:

  • more than 1 text
  • live dragging for text instead of setting the x/y coordinates
  • choose text stroke background

Feel free to add your suggestions in this thread if you have any feedback or ideas. Thanks!

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sweil9 commented Oct 17, 2016 edited

Please can you add the transparent background option back ? It's really the only one i used in my project, thanks. And good job on improvements :)

sweil9 commented Oct 17, 2016

Ah there is a way to do that, nevermind ty :P



Yes it's a bit different now. The new color picker is more powerful than the previous one.
You can select the alpha of each color. So if you set the alpha to 0 for the background color, you get the previous behavior.


Looks good! However, PNG icons are now downloading at size 512 regardless of the size picked. (SVG, however, now pays attention to size picked.)


Good catch @VorpalPapercut. Thanks! It should be fixed now.


Thankyou so much for the colour palette! It makes things so much easier, especially choosing white.


Yes, the new color palettes are indeed quite cool and a true improvement over the previous version.

We have to thank the tremendous work of those people :

salattu commented Oct 22, 2016

Superb! The studio is now very powerful - I see a future parallel site for people to post their designs made with just the studio.

One thing comes to mind: a toggle for a serif font would help increase readability in small icons.


Yes, a user creation gallery would be great. But it's currently impossible to implement it since the site is not dynamically generated.

Meanwhile, I've just added a dropdown to select between serif / sans for the text (you may need to F5 the page to get it).

It's difficult to add more fonts because it depends of the platform (windows, mac, linux…). I'll see later to maybe introduce async loading of web-fonts.

Also, an accordion has been added. This studio is starting to get quite crowded, and this way, I'll be able to put more stuff in each section soon.


@Delapouite, it was definitely working earlier, but looks like your additional changes have unfixed the PNG size issue. =P


And already it is fixed. My hat is off to you, sir.

Delapouite commented Nov 15, 2016 edited

A new update is ready:

  • more background shapes (star5, rhombus…)
  • rotation ratio has been changed from 90° to a more precise 45°
  • more control over the foreground shadow (blur, x/y, in/out, color)
  • better preset dropdown
  • link to help
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