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base fork: game7/sportified
base: bf7ae339ff
head fork: game7/sportified
compare: 52636ec019
Commits on Apr 16, 2012
@game7 first crack at posts ba600f6
Commits on Dec 12, 2012
@game7 merge master f636be0
@game7 fix tag filter c29584c
@game7 Merge branch 'master' into posts e42f35b
@game7 post edit/delete 8832f42
@game7 post pagination 5a76a21
Commits on Dec 13, 2012
@game7 post carousel 24b4e97
Commits on Dec 14, 2012
@game7 icons for block action buttons 0d8472e
@game7 post action icons and buttons slightly larger a81941b
@game7 block edit functions to dropdown 45f3e99
Commits on Dec 19, 2012
@game7 page sections 6984e76
@game7 refactor admin/host verification functions 7259ecd
@game7 identified and fixed runaway cascade_save on page.rb 82e8068
Commits on Dec 20, 2012
@game7 moving page CRUD out of /admin 0a9bde4
Commits on Dec 21, 2012
@game7 upgrade jquery UI 9b06e97
Commits on Dec 22, 2012
@game7 clean up pages/index 74b7ff4
Commits on Dec 29, 2012
@game7 upgrade bootstrap to 2.2.1 983b4b6
Commits on Dec 30, 2012
@game7 updated page/edit actions 810f64c
@game7 move block and section catalogs to partial 47003c5
@game7 section partial to conditionally render editable features 764b6c0
@game7 block partial to conditionally render editable features fecc1c0
Commits on Dec 31, 2012
@game7 page/edit dispay mode 54edb53
@game7 newly created blocks receive editable status b7a10d1
@game7 change color of add block buttons e02ff5e
@game7 add headers to block/section menus 8c3e9cb
Commits on Jan 02, 2013
@game7 newly created sections to be editable ab3397d
@game7 major reorganization of pages, sections and blocks 512c562
@game7 move pages/edit css and js into appropriate files 2abd9ed
Commits on Jan 03, 2013
@game7 redesign page-specific action buttons 3c7f33c
@game7 rake task to place orphan blocks into section 2021d25
@game7 observer to delete blocks when section destroyed 63b3e75
@game7 udpate page list/goto links f09ddbe
Commits on Jan 04, 2013
@game7 clean up page tags and buttons 2b47b03
@game7 remove obsolete functions in pages.js c6a8629
@game7 fix pages/edit display mode to show/hide add seciton button 7c9e571
@game7 pages/show corrected to use section layout 66c6dd2
@game7 correct javascript cleanup 47e7216
@game7 switch all blocks/edit views to form_vertical daff94b
Commits on Jan 05, 2013
@game7 re-implement dialog-based block & page editing 84b48b7
@game7 edit page settings 4b88d4d
@game7 fix typo in tooltip 301736d
@game7 remove unused elements from site_navigation 91354fd
@game7 Revert "remove unused elements from site_navigation"
This reverts commit 91354fd.
@game7 move account menu to right 56cbdfd
Commits on Jan 07, 2013
@game7 upgrade to mongoid 3 722f841
@game7 fix event selection by date range 88cdad4
@game7 fix tenant_scoped to mongoid 3 16c06f9
Commits on Jan 08, 2013
@game7 fix tenant scope 057be32
@game7 clean out commented code 16ebf38
@game7 seeds and further mongoid fixes c87eb93
@game7 update OIA theme image to be retina friendly 8f06a87
@game7 fix admin/users e95813b
@game7 remove unused sites objects ecf5c04
@game7 clean out unused site settings 999d1fe
Commits on Jan 09, 2013
@game7 fix season selector f9f29ed
@game7 hopefully fix rubyracer heroku issues c780173
@game7 trying to fix heroku rubyracer issue 284ca75
@game7 add rubyracer heroku e957fdc
@game7 forgot bundle install :-| 0755fb1
@game7 precompile locally to avoid rubyracer on heroku 51fdfd1
@game7 rubyracer back 3ebd24b
@game7 alter environments for asset precompile f55e818
@game7 again trying different gem setup for rubyracer dbe08d8
@game7 udpate rubyracer 38943e7
@game7 fix mongoid production config eeeb2fd
@game7 update bundle 867d6f7
@game7 fix block controllers 3705f36
@game7 clean up precompile list 5903e48
@game7 cleanup public folder 0b0c44c
Commits on Jan 10, 2013
@game7 fix page sorted_as_tree 1befdc8
@game7 fix tag for page link_to_url 2b710bb
@game7 carousel title/caption conditional a9ee66f
@game7 carousel enhanced to have shuffle option 065e5b2
@game7 fix pages.js javascript paths 52636ec