My fork of Oswan. Wonderswan emulator with better speed and better portability.
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Gameblabla's Oswan

Gameblabla's Oswan is a Wonderswan/Wonderswan color, based on OswanJ by bird_may_nike and Oswan by Alekmaul.

It can play most, if not all Wonderswan games properly. (except some B&W games)

It used to be based on Alekmaul's Oswan port but significant modifications were done to it.

This fork is also even more accurate than upstream, while still being faster and portable :

Games are now playing at the proper speed, games like Klonoa and Beatmania now sound closer to real hardware.

A stripped-down version of Minizip is provided as well. Minizip is licensed under a 3-clause BSD license.

The source code (especially the front-end) is incredibly hacked-up :

i miss the days where the source code was nice and clean...


The only problematic games are Pocket Figher and the One Piece games : they have some graphical glitches.

Sound is far from accurate. (not even Mednafen is close to real hardware)


In all cases, i'm compilling the binaries on a GNU/Linux PC.

GCW0: Make sure you have the precompiled SDK binaries installed somewhere and point its bin directory to PATH.

Then just do a make -f Makefile.gcw0

Wii: You need to have the DevkitPPC binaries somewhere and point its bin directory to PATH.

Make sure you have libogc and LibSDL libraries !

Then just do : make -f Makefile.wii

Nspire: Just install the ndless devkit (or compile the toolchain with their script).

Then do a make -f Makefile.nspire

MinGW: Install the MingW packages provided by your distribution.

Make sure to compile libSDL with it and put them in MinGW paths.

Then do a make -f Makefile.mingw


GUI comes from Alekmaul's Oswan. (Itself based on Dmitry's Handy GCW0 port)

Mednafen, which i used for comparison.

I took some of their code as well, thanks ! (GPLv2 or later)

NomadSwan, the cpu core.

Alekmaul, for working on the initial version of Oswan.

trap15, for his (more accurate) documentation.