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Dragon Warrior 2 Randomizer


  • Adjust enemy attributes to DW2 Remix values. **
  • Reduce gold and experience requirements to reduce grinding.
  • Randomize the world map
  • Rename the prince and princess to whatever you want.
  • Randomize XP/GP gains.
  • Randomize equipment powers, as well as who can equip those items.
  • Randomize monster stats and zones.
  • Randomize spell learning and spell powers. (i.e. Firebal could hit all enemies for 80 damage each)
  • Randomize hero statistics
  • Randomize stores and treasures (but certain items are guaranteed to be found before they are required)
  • Four Levels Of Randomization (with an option to not randomize at all)
  • An opportunity to adjust the seed from 1 to 2^32 (2 billion plus) for racing possibilities.
  • Super speedy battles!
  • Prologue automatically skipped. The game now starts, albeit a bit awkwardly, with the soldier limping into Midenhall's Throne Room.
  • All party members are revived with full HP and, with all three characters, MP on a party wipe(AKA ColdAsACod), regardless of save location. (this normally takes effect at the Rhone Shrine)

** If this is done, Army Ant's XP/GP will increase to 6XP/7GP so they are more in line with other enemies in its' class. Also, Metal Babbles and Metal Slime's attributes will change so they have a very high chance of running, in line with other Dragon Warrior games.

To Do/Wishlist

  • Figure out a way to adjust the interface so magic can be randomized effectively without UI confusion.
  • Reduce the map to 192x192, 128x128, and 64x64, so completion time can be drastically reduced.
  • Add an option to shrink dungeons, also to shorten completion time. All the tiles are 2x2; they can be 1x1 instead. The lighthouse is a big obstacle though...
  • Randomize dungeons (whoa!)

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Dragon Warrior 2 Randomizer




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