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Dragon Warrior 3 Randomizer


  • An opportunity to half the gold requirements, as well as increase XP gained by 133% to reduce grinding.
  • An opportunity to increase XP by an additional 100% for all monsters EXCEPT metal slimes and metal babbles. (for a total of nearly 5x the normal XP value)
  • And opportunity to randomize stores, monster patterns, monster zones, spell learning, spell strengths, stat gains, treasures (including what NPCs give you), and equipment (the strength of said equipment, as well as what equipment can be used in battle).
  • An opportunity to adjust the seed from 1 to 2^32 (2 billion plus) for racing possibilities.
  • Super speedy battles!
  • Parry/Fight technique removed (I personally don't think it should have been there in the first place...)
  • An opportunity to rename the starting characters from the get go!
  • All party members are revived with full HP and MP on a party wipe, regardless of save location.
  • No more lectures after a party wipe, saving 13 seconds minimum for each instance. (this causes temporary graphical errors, but it does not affect the game overall)

More specific

  • All monsters, except Zoma, can be completely randomized, except for their HP, Defense, Attack Power, XP. (in first three cases, it is an equal chances of 0%, -50%(minimum), or +50%(maximum) of their original power)
  • Gold may be increased up to quadruple their normal value.
  • Monsters resistances are randomized as well, but higher level monsters have a higher chance of higher resistances.
  • Monster zones are completely random, but they will be easier until after the Pyramid, and will get progressively harder starting at the approach to the Necrogund Cave.
  • Boss fights are NOT randomized. (yet)
  • The higher level monster, the higher chances of it doing really nasty stuff (explodet, defeat, etc.)
  • Some monsters have chances of doing what you would think it would do. (e.g. Magicians, etc. casting a spell, Green Dragons and Lava Bashers breathing flames, healers healing, Bomb Crags casting Sacrifice, etc.)
  • Weapon and item stores are completely randomized. You theoretically could buy items such as Water Flying Clothes, Thunder Swords, Leaves of The World Tree, Final Keys, and so forth. Orbs and Rainbow Drops, as examples, still have to be found.
  • Weapon and armor power are completely randomized from 1 to 130 for weapons, 80 for armor, 55 for shields, and 35 for helmets.
  • Weapon and armor prices are adjusted according to the power randomized. (power ^ 2.04, 2.26, 2.45, 2.7 for weapons, armor, shields, and helmets respectively, for a maximum price of about 20,000 GP)
  • Who equips each weapon, armor, shield, and helmet is also randomized. (an equipment guide is written so you don't spend a long period of time trying to figure out who can equip what, how powerful it is, and what weapons can be used as an item)
  • The only exceptions are the starting equipment (maximum power 12 for each), which is not changed for any party member.
  • Spells are learned randomly, but return and outside is learned for the hero, antidote is learned for the pilgrim, and heal is learned for the wizard, all between levels 2-4.
  • Treasures are completely randomized, but you will find all key items before they are required either in the treasures to be found, NPCs you run into, or possibly weapon and item stores.
  • Starting gold is randomized from 0-255.
  • The inns are randomized as well from 1-20GP/person.
  • HP starts between 9 and 23 points higher than usual.
  • The "baseline" for all stats are removed. This makes it a GREAT idea to change classes!
  • Fighters are no longer penalized for equipping non-claw items.
  • Statistical gains are randomized, up to -50% to +100% of their normal gains.
  • Spell strengths are randomized
  • Equipments used as an item are randomized, as well as the "spells" they cast!

To Do/Wishlist

  • Randomize boss fights (much easier said than done I'm afraid)

Special Thanks