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Dragon Warrior 4 RandoHacker


  • Can adjust XP gains from 50% to 500%, and randomize those XP gains.
  • Can adjust gold gains from 100% to 400%, and randomize that as well.
  • Adjust encounter rate from 1/4 to 4x normal.
  • Can randomize monsters/boss fights(the main boss will still be there, but who joins him would be randomized. The Chapter 2 Tournament does not have monsters joining them, however, for fairness purposes)
  • Can randomize who can equip what item. The hero will still be able to equip the Zenithian equipment, however, so you can get through the tower.
  • Can randomize which hero plays in which chapter. For example, you can have Cristo participate in Chapter 1 instead of his usual Chapter 2.
  • Can also randomize when each hero joins in Chapter 5. For example, Alena and Brey can join in Endor instead of Nara and Mara at the beginning of the chapter.
  • Can randomize stat gains
  • Can award XP for Chapter 2 tournament monsters.
  • Can change purchase costs of the shop to 1GP or 25000GP, as well as the purchase cost of the tunnel to 1GP in Chapter 3.
  • Can speed up battles, which is highly recommended!
  • Can speed up text, which is also recommended!
  • Can rename the other 7 heroes, as well as Healie, Orin, etc.!
  • Can set up a "solo hero challenge", details of which are below.

Solo Hero Challenge

  • The character you select is the only character you get to play with the entire game.
  • If an NPC joins you, it will change to the character you selected. (see above)
  • The character gains HP at twice the rate as usual, to give you chance... especially against Necrosaro.
  • You have an opportunity for the solo hero to equip everything, but it's not required. However, all Zenithian equipment will be equippable by all solo heroes regardless so you can get through the Zenithian Tower and Castle.

To Do/Wishlist

  • Have a second variant of the "solo hero challenge" with the characters being NOT sharing the same HP/MP/inventory/etc.

Special Thanks