Simple Java Mustache Implementation with No Dependencies
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A fully dependency-free Java implementation of the Mustache templating language.


  • Android compatible (no runtime compilation, etc.)
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient
  • Supports all Mustache features (partials, function sections, context traversal, etc.)
  • Stay within the standard as much as possible

So as usual, standing on shoulders, etc.

import io.gamechanger.mustax.*;
import java.util.*;

public class Foo {
    public static void main( String... args ) {
        // you must give a parser a context; basically a way to look up partials.
        Map map = new HashMap();
        m.put( "x", "this is template x, {{content}}" );
        m.put( "y", "this is template y, containing some {{#foo}}{{>x}}{{/foo}}" );
        MustacheContext context = new MapMustacheContext( map );

        MustacheParser parser = new MustacheParser( context );
        // The context provides convenient ways to get at the templates defined within it
        MustacheTemplate template_y = context.getTemplate( "y", parser );
        // We can also just use this parser on any-old-text, and it'll use its context to look up partials
        MustacheTemplate template_z = context.parse( "This is template z, {{>x}}" );

        Map view = new HashMap(); // traverses maps, naturally
        Fooble fooble = new Fooble();
        fooble.content = "yay wow"; // and also public members of POJOs
        view.put( "foo", fooble );

        System.out.println( template_y.render( view ) );
        // should print 'this is template y, containing some this is template x, yay wow'

    static class Fooble {
        public String content;

Apache-licensed, see the LICENSE file.