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Game Closure DevKit Documentation

Repo Structure

This repository is separated in to the following directories:

  • api ---Markdown files and images used to generate the API Reference, ordered by namespace.
  • guide ---Markdown files and images used to generate user guides and tutorials.
  • native ---Markdown files and images used to generate native guides.
  • html ---The static html and styles for the doc website. Generated files are also placed in here.
  • build ---Build script and template used to generate the documentation.


All documentation is written in markdown and converted to html using Pandoc. Subsequently, any of Pandoc's supported syntax will work in these documents.

Trivial edits may be done directly through the GitHub interface: just select the file and click the Edit button in the upper-right corner, make your changes and submit a commit message. This will be applied directly to the branch you are browsing (probably master), so care should be taken.

For non-trivial edits, please create a separate branch and submit a pull request---the same as other software projects.

Including Screenshots and Assets

Images, diagrams, screenshots, and other assets should be placed in the assets directory located within the guide's respective root directory: api, guide, or native.

Reference the image in the guide using a relative path from the root directory, for example:

<img src="./assets/guide-dir/screenshot.png">

Update the Navigation Bar

If adding a new link to the nav bar displayed at the top of each page, you must edit two files:

  • ./html/index.html
  • ./build/template.html

This is required because the site is statically generated and the relative paths in index.html differ from the rest of the site.

Build a Local Copy

To build a local copy of the documentation, install Pandoc to convert the markdown to html. With that, simply run the shell script:

$ ./build/make-doc

This will output the generated documentation in the html directory.


This documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.