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The devkit facebook plugin provides native support with a matching API to the JavaScript facebook API. The current version of the native SDKs is 4.2.0.



Run devkit install from your devkit2 application directory.


There are a few keys you need to add to your manifest.json. This should cover both iOS and Android.

"modules": {
  "facebook": {
    "facebookAppID": your-app-id,
    "facebookDisplayName": your-app-display-name,


Import the facebook sdk into your code. You will want to wait for the SDK to be ready before you do anything.

import facebook as FB; () {
    appId: CONFIG.modules.facebook.facebookAppID,
    displayName: CONFIG.modules.facebook.facebookDisplayName,
    // other config

  // Ready to use FB!


The plugin was written such that the Facebook JavaScript docs can be referenced as the sole source of truth with a couple of minor exceptions which are documented here.

Ready Detection

The main difference from the facebook API is how you detect when the plugin is ready. The facebook docs suggest using window.fbAsyncInit, but the plugin uses that internally to detect facebook ready status across native and browser. Instead, you should use where cb is the code you want to run when facebook is ready.


For native, you also need to pass displayName to your FB.init call.


There's probably hiccups with a lot of the endpoints here presently. For example, the actions parameter of /me/feed is not handled and will cause errors. At this point, I would recommend against any nested properties / arrays with this API.


The native Facebook SDKs prevent an app from requesting write permissions during the initial login. Thus, you must only ask for read permissions during the first login. Ask for write permissions the first time a user tries to share from your app.