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Clojure wrapper for Titan
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That's a calculator. I ate it to gain its power. -Hermes Conrad

A Clojure library designed to make it easy to work with Titan. To get started, add this dependency to your project.clj:

[hermes "0.2.6"]

Take a look at the wiki for information about Hermes and how to use the library. Try the Quick Start page if you are in the mood for barrelling through an example.


Titan is a young project and has just now barely hit 0.2. Hermes will probably always be a "work in progress" until Titan hits 1.0. With all that in mind, we've created a solid set of tests that encapsulates everything we want Hermes to do right now. While we don't know all of the myriad changes that will for sure come to both Hermes and Titan in the future, we do know that both pieces of software seem to work as intended and that we plan on adapting Hermes as quickly as possible to take advantage of whatever the Titan team puts out.


Copyright © 2012 Game Closure

Distributed under the MIT license.


Yell at Zack, via twitter and/or email, if Hermes breaks.

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