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Javascript Networking Library for building real-time web applications
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Allows for arbitrary prefixes in jsio.path.cache, e.g.:

    jsio.path.cache[''] = 'a/b';

This would resolve `import` to `a/b/baz`.  Previously, no dots
were allowed in the cache.
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@mgh mgh authored is a multi-platform package management and module system for JavaScript. modules can be evaluated in a JavaScript runtime (e.g. node.js) or precompiled into a single package for use on the client side. provides the following:

A module system. Dependency graph that works in the client and the browser. Support and networking libraries that can be used on either platform.

run the repl:

$ jsio

or run a script:

$ jsio file.js  

or the compiler:

$ jsio-compile
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