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Reporting issues

I'd love it if you could use this template for bug reports, but it's not necessary:

## Description of Problem

One or two sentences giving an overview of the issue.

## System details

* **`uname -a`**: 

* **`ruby -v`**: 

* **`go version`**: (only if hacking on the go code)

## Steps to Reproduce

1) `zeus start` in a new rails project

2) `zeus ponies`

## Observed Behavior

* Ponies die

## Expected Behavior

* Ponies survive

Hacking on Zeus

Step 1: Prerequisites

Before you can get started, you'll need to install ruby 1.9+, Go (golang) 1.1+, and make.

On OS X, you'll only need to install Go.

Step 2: Paths, etc.

You should check out this repository into $GOPATH/src/ Often $GOPATH will be set to ~/go, but this is configurable. If you've just installed Go, you'll have to set this up yourself in your shell config. The Go site has documentation on this.

Step 3: Dependencies

cd into the zeus project directory and run make dev_bootstrap. This will fetch and compile a couple libraries zeus uses for terminal interaction and such. Read through that last chunk of the Makefile to understand what's going on.

Of particular interest is gox, which we use to crosscompile multiple binaries.

Step 4: Building

Context: How zeus is structured

The core of zeus is a single go program that acts as the coordinating process (master, e.g. zeus start), or the client (called per-command, e.g. zeus client). This code is cross-compiled for a handful of different architectures and bundled with a ruby gem. The ruby gem contains all the shim code necessary to boot a rails app under the control of the master process.


Just run make, basically. The Makefile should be an easy read. make darwin and related tasks will just build the go binaries to ./build, while make gem will build the rubygem from the files currently in ./build. make all does the whole shebang, but takes a few seconds to complete.

Step 5: Contributing

Fork, branch, pullrequest! I'm sometimes really bad about responding to these in a timely fashion. Feel free to harass me on email or twitter if I'm not getting back to you.


If this doesn't work out for you, hit me up on twitter at @burkelibbey or email at