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GAMEE is the HTML5 based platform that offers immediate game experience. Players can access many games not just from the GAMEE application, but also directly from Telegram, Kik, Facebook messenger or via web. And all that with almost zero load!

Gameplay experience

In most cases, each game is a short lobby where the player gets score points for correct progress. Upon finishing a lobby, the score is compared to his highscore and to those of friends and other players. GAMEE platform notifies the player how well he did in the game, and in case of beating his own highscore it allows him to share it with others.


While players are not active, GAMEE Platform notifies them with their friend’s progress and with the important games updates. Players are being compared not just on a one game basis, but across all games in the platform. This brings the competition to the new level.

Join GAMEE with your own game!

Find out how easy it is to publish games with us! You may try to connect an already existing game or an entirely new one. Connecting itcan be done without any registration or assistance. But to publish the game you must ask for access to our internal administration. This wiki explains step by step how to make an HTML5 game compatible with our platform.

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