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Spinner Winner - sample HTML5 game with implementation of GameeJS 2.0 and saveState feature
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Spinner Winner

Source code of the popular game on GAMEE.

Spinner game implements the basic functionality of the gamee-js framework and the save state feature. Most of the basic functionality is dedicated in src/gamee/GameeConnector.js file (find more about the basic functionality in the gamee-js wiki). Save state feature is used in src/Game.js file, Line 137 (find more about the save state feature).

Open in the Emulator right now

Hosted directly from github:

Modify something

Required: NodeJS, NPM

Clone the repository and install the dependencies with NPM.

git clone --depth 1
cd sample-game-spinner-winner
npm install

Start realtime building with Webpack 2 and webserver with NodeJS & Express.

## Windows 
npm start

## Linux & OSX
npm run osx

Test if the game is running, use localhost URL in the Emulator.

Modify source code in the src/ folder.

Project structure

├── config              # webpack configuration
├── src                 # javascript sources
└── www                 # static assets
    ├── assets          # multimedia assets
    ├── dist            # build from src
    └── libs            # js libraries including gamee-js framework
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