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Node.js API bindings and sample code create Gameflip listings for Steam items

API Key and OTP secret

To get the API Key and secret, contact Gameflip support. During Beta, API Keys are only being given out to select customers.

1. Install Git, NodeJS v8.x LTS, and Python 2.7.14

2. Download sample code

  git clone

3. Install dependencies

  cd gfapi
  npm install

(Optional) Mac and Linux:
This command converts src/samples/*.js files into HTML as seen on the documentation website.

  npm run-script docs

4. Run Sample Code

Mac and Linux:

  export GFAPI_KEY=<my_api_key>
  export GFAPI_SECRET=<my_api_secret>
  node src/samples/search_listing.js


  SET GFAPI_KEY=<my_api_key>
  SET GFAPI_SECRET=<my_api_secret>
  node src\samples\search_listing.js

5. For your own project, you just install gfapi npm

npm install 'gameflip/gfapi'